Ročna radijska postaja Motorola ION

Kataloška številka: ION


Your business runs on voice and data. But if your devices can only access one, you’re not running at your best. MOTOTRBO Ion is our first business-ready communication device with always-on voice and broadband data capabilities.


Ročna radijska postaja Motorola ION je profesionalna ročna radijska postaja.

Za lažjo oziroma optimalnejšo uporabo ima ročna radijska postaja Motorola DP1400 na voljo naslednje dodatke (mikrofoni, rezervne baterije, zaponke za pas …)

Integrated scanning

We have collaborated with Scandit™ to optimise their barcode scanning application for intuitive use on MOTOTRBO Ion — even adding the capability to use one of Ion’s three programmable buttons to trigger the scanning capability.

Avigilon Control Center Software (ACC Mobile)

ACC Mobile 3 extends the power of Avigilon Control Center™ video management software to mobile devices, enabling security professionals to efficiently monitor ACC™ systems and to quickly respond to incidents anytime and from any location that has network connectivity.


Open application ecosystem

With MOTOTRBO Ion, you can use any app in the Google Play store, including the full G-Suite—Gmail, Calendar, Maps, and more.

Motorola Solutions Unified Technology Ecosystem

MOTOTRBO Ion is your entry point to our full technology ecosystem, where your voice, video, data, and analytics are unified on one enterprise platform. Learn more about how our solutions work together in more powerful ways with Safety Reimagined.

Apps are on

Full multimedia capabilities on an Android platform with an open app ecosystem. An intuitive touchscreen lets you view high resolution images, and an integrated camera lets you send — even stream — photos and videos.

Dependability is on

Designed for dependability and ease of use, in any environment. Pristine audio quality lets you hear and be heard when it matters most. And ultra-strong materials — including a rugged touchscreen — are used inside and out for outstanding impact resilience.

Connectivity is on

Built to keep your workforce connected anywhere you do business. You can seamlessly communicate through voice and data, over public and private networks. And our Auto Network Switch feature automatically switches you to broadband when you roam beyond your smart radio system coverage, so your connectivity is always on when you need it (available with software release 2.0).

Uptime is on

A revolutionary ownership experience lets you deploy your smart radios faster and keep them in the field longer. With cloud-based configuration and provisioning, remote updates, and real-time device monitoring, you can deploy and maintain your radio fleet with minimal touch and downtime. Your IT team can spend less time managing devices, and your workforce can spend more time on-task.

Security is on

Stay safe from cyber threats. A defence-in-depth approach provides multiple layers of security to help prevent unauthorised device access and malicious activity, and to safeguard your critical data.


  • 24-mesečna garancija velja le na radijsko postajo in ne na dodatke (baterija, polnilec, antena, zaponka za pas) ki so v paketu.
  • 12-mesečna garancija velja na baterijo, polnilec, anteno, zaponko za pas (ob uporabi po priporočilih proizvajalca).

Splošne specifikacije:

  • Število kanalov: 1000
  • Anlogno-digitalen način delovanja
  • IP68
  • Frekvenčno področje: UHF (400-527 MHz)
  • Napetost: 7.5 V
  • Temperatura delovanja: -20°C / +60°C
  • GPS: Ne

Dimenzije radia:

  • 143 x 70 x 29 mm

Teža radia:

  • 414 g

Sprejemnik/ Oddajnik:

  • Širina kanalov: 12.5 kHz / 20kHz / 25 kHz

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