Ročna radijska postaja Motorola Evolve

Kataloška številka: HK2160A

Ročna radijska postaja Motorola Evolve

A rugged LTE handheld device built for enterprise and public safety

The Evolve handheld LTE device combines intuitive user experience and open platform architecture with the ruggedness and reliability expected of a critical communications device. Evolve enables seamless communications across different locations and networks.

For those needing a mission and business critical data device that is truly adaptable for your network needs today and tomorrow, and require frequent, rich, instant communication, the Evolve LTE handheld combines the capabilities of an Android device with the ruggedness and reliability of a push-to-talk device across 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi with dual SIM capacity.

Ročna radijska postaja Motorola Evolve
Za lažjo oziroma optimalnejšo uporabo ima ročna radijska postaja Motorola Evolve na voljo naslednje dodatke (mikrofoni, rezervne baterije, zaponke za pas …)
Resilient and rugged

Ruggedized and accessible for hands hard at work, with audio quality and features to hear and be heard in the loudest environments, and power for multiple shifts, this device safely gets the job done anywhere you do business.

Intuitive user experience

Designed to give your team immediate access to the data and intelligence flowing in and out of your enterprise, and help them make informed decisions on the fly.

Ročna radijska postaja Motorola Evolve
Seamless connectivity

Equipped with future-proofed data and voice connectivity, and access to an expanding technology and software ecosystem, Evolve is ready to grow alongside your business.

Open architecture

Built with the familiar user experience of the Android operating system, Evolve is easily adaptable to your existing systems and allows for a seamless transition for anyone who has used an Android smartphone or tablet.


Wherever the mission takes you or whatever working conditions you face, you need a device that’s as tough and durable as they come.


  • 24-mesečna garancija velja le na radijsko postajo in ne na dodatke (baterija, polnilec, antena, zaponka za pas) ki so v paketu.
  • 12-mesečna garancija velja na baterijo, polnilec, anteno, zaponko za pas (ob uporabi po priporočilih proizvajalca).

Splošne specifikacije:

  • Število kanalov: 99
  • Anlogno-digitalen način delovanja
  • IP68
  • Frekvenčno področje: LTE
  • Temperatura delovanja: -10°C / +60°C
  • GPS: Ne

Dimenzije radia:

  • 154 x 78 x 17 mm

Teža radia:

  • 350 g

Vzdržljivost baterije:

  • 12 ur

Sprejemnik/ Oddajnik:

  • Širina kanalov: 12.5 kHz / 20kHz / 25 kHz

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