Data interface using RS232|RS485|Ethernet

Part number: ERDI-12

ERDI-12 is an interface between MOTOTRBO DM3000 and DM4000 series and other devices such as PCs, PLCs or RTUs using RS232, RS485 bus or Ethernet.

It is used for data transfers with the following protocols:
– Modbus ASCII,
– Modbus RTU,
– IEC-101, DNP3,
– Connection-Oriented (x25 like protocol) and
– Connectionless oriented (broadcast).

Data packet length is up to 500 bytes. Our data interface can be used as a digipeater as well and radio channels can be changed with a command.

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ERDI-12 features

  • Compatible with MOTOTRBO™ DM3000 and DM4000 series
  • Radio connection through USB, non-ip mode
  • RS232, RS485 or ethernet for external device connection
  • Reliable data transfer using 16 bit CRC and retransmission
  • Digipeater option
  • Data packet length up to 500 bytes
Data interface RS232 RS485 Ethernet

ERDI-12 protocols

  • connection oriented mode
  • connectionless mode
  • DNP3
  • IEC-101
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Modbus RTU
Data interface RS232 RS485 Ethernet

ERDI-12 variants

  • ERDI-12-2: RS232 interface
  • ERDI-12-4: RS485 interface
  • ERDI-12-2E: RS232 and ethernet interface
  • ERDI-12-4E: RS485 and ethernet interface
Vmesnik za prenos podatkov preko RS232|RS485|Ethernet
  • Power: 9 – 36 V DC
  • Service interface: RS232
  • LED indicators: PWR, MNG, DATA, ERR
  • Serial interface:Data rate: 150 – 115200bps
    • Data format: 7 or 8 bits
    • Number of stop bits: 1 or 2
    • Parity:No parity
    • Flow control:None, RTS/CTS
  • Data packet lenght: 1-500 bytes
  • Radio connections: USB
  • Ethernet data rate: 10/100 Mbps
  • Operating temerature: -40 °C / 70°C
  • Dimensions: 270 x 70 x 290 [mm]
  • Weight: 345 gPacked into one cartoon box dimensions: 210 x 108 x55 [mm], weight: 426 g.  Power cable included in package.