Slušalke Heavy Duty Motorola PMLN6852A

Kataloška številka: PMLN6852A

Slušalke Heavy Duty Behind The Head Motorola PMLN6852A so protihrupne, s standardom zaščite IP54 pred vdorom prahu in vode. NA slušalki imajo tudi PTT gumb in možnost nastavljanjaVOX.

Motorola’s PMLN6852A heavy-duty headset is ideal for industrial users working in high noise environment.
Newly designed with soft gel ear seals, this headset offers maximum comfort for extended wear.
The behind-the-head style fits under most helmets and connects directly to your radio.
With dual-ear speakers and a noise-cancelling boom microphone, this headset delivers superior receive and
transmit audio.
The push-to-talk, located on the ear muff, makes it easily accessible even when wearing gloves.
With a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB, workers’ hearing is protected at all times.

  • PTT: da, na slušalki
  • Receive: both ears
  • Transmit via: boom mic
  • Headband: behind the head
  • VOX capability: yes (no VOX switch but capable to support VOX function when enabled in the radio)
  • Noise reduction: 24dB
  • Intrinsic safety standard: No
  • IP rating: IP54
  • direktni priklop na postajo
  • Noise canceling microphone: da

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Cena brez DDV: 699,00  Cena: 852,78 

Slušalke Heavy Duty Motorola PMLN6852A so kompatibilne z ročnimi radijskimi postajami Motorola Solutions DP4400, DP4400E, DP4401, DP4401E, DP4800, DP4800E, DP4801, DP4801E, DP4600, DP4600E, DP4601 in DP4601E in omogočajo direkten priklop na postajo.