Nahrbtni nosilec Motorola Solutions RLN4570A

Kataloška številka: RLN4570A

  • Material: Nylon
  • Attachment Type: Chest
  • Belt Swivel: N
  • Display/Non-Display: Both

The Break-a-Way Chest Pack protects the radio and provides the freedom from holding it during standby communication mode – plus, it has break-a-way tabs that allow the entire pack to be pulled off with approximately 10 pounds of pressure. The pack fits virtually any radio and also has a pen holder and velcro secured pouch.

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Cena brez DDV: 101,00  Cena: 123,22 

Nahrbtni nosilec Motorola Solutions RLN4570A je kompatibilen z ročnimi radijskimi postajami Motorola Solutions DP2400, DP2400E, DP2600, DP2600E, DP4400, DP4400E, DP4401, DP4401E, DP4600, DP4600E, DP4601, DP4601E, DP4800, DP4800E, DP4801 in DP4801E.