Motorola Indoor Location Tracking Licence Key

Kataloška številka: HKVN4431A

Motorola Indoor Location Tracking – Licence Key

  • This orders the Licence key to activate the Indoor Location Tracking feature in a DP3441e / DP3661e / DP4x01e / SL2600 / SL40x0e / DM4x01e radio.
  • This feature is available for MOTOTRBO radio models which support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and relies on Bluetooth beacons (iBeacons) which are installed at known, fixed points around a building.
  • The radio continually scans for iBeacons, and periodically sends a measurement report over the data channel to an application.
  • The application uses the report to calculate the position of the radio and displays it on a map in a similar way to GPS.
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