Kabel Motorola Solutions PMKN4070A IMPRES

Kataloška številka: PMKN4070A

Motorola IMPRES Mobile MAP Non-PC Adapter

  • For connecting non-PC based data applications to the MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio via the rear Mobile Accessory Port.
  • Dealer is solely responsible for obtaining, or requiring its customers to obtain, all applicable or necessary product regulatory and/or safety approvals (for example, UL or CE), required for any third party accessory to be used with a Motorola radio system or product. Dealer is solely responsible for any warranty, quality, performance, safety or any other issues relating to the use of this cable with a non-Motorola branded or approved accessory. Dealer may NOT in any manner, state, imply or otherwise represent that any non-Motorola branded or approved accessories have been approved or otherwise authorized by Motorola for use with this cable and a Motorola Product.
  • Note: This Cable CANNOT be used in combination with any non-Motorola approved or branded accessory or product with a MOTOTRBO FM Intrinsically Application Product.
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Cena brez DDV: 31,00  Cena: 37,82 

Kabel Motorola Solutions PMKN4070A IMPRES je kompatibilen z mobilnimi radijskimi postajami Motorola Solutions DM4000, DM4400, DM4400e, DM4401, DM4401e, DM4600, DM4600e, DM4601 in DM4601e.