Motorola RMN5058A Lightweight Headset

Kataloška številka: RMN5058A

Motorola RMN5058A Lightweight Headset w/PTT&VOX

  • Receive method: Single muff
  • Transmit method: Microphone
  • Voice Activation: Y
  • PTT: In Line
  • Intrinsic Safety Standard: UL-TIA4950 for DP4000e series/FM

Provides high-clarity, hands free, discreet two-way, communication, while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended-wear in moderate noise environments. Adjustable over-the-head, single-ear headset with a boom microphone and in-line PTT.

Suitable for Motorola  DP3400, DP3600, DP4400, DP4400E, DP4401, DP4401E, DP4600. DP4600E, DP4601, DP4601E, DP4800, DP4800E, DP4801, DP4801E.

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